I grew up in a small rural town in Central Texas. My father; a teacher, rancher and oil painter, was the earliest artistic influence on my life. As an adult, I pursued a very rewarding career in Art Education in the public schools of Texas; but after 23 years, I found myself on a new adventure in Colorado. There I was free to focus on my own art full time, where I was inspired by towering aspen trees, wildlife everywhere, and amazing skies.  I was off on another adventure in 2017 when my husband and I moved to New York. As I travel through the state, I am amazed at the rolling countryside, beautiful vineyards of the Finger Lakes, charming barns and a myriad of farm animals. All of my experiences...from life in Texas growing up around cows, sheep and chickens; to the mountains of Colorado and now scenic New York, have formed me, and my art. I hope it brings you as much joy in viewing it, as it has me in creating it.

More About me

Iam a member of the National Association of Women Artists, and a contributing writer for the online magazine Live An Artful Life. I am represented in the following galleries; West End Gallery in Corning, NY, The Leigh Gallery in Chicago, Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park, CO, Red Canyon Art in Lyons, CO, Wow! Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, Earthen Vessel Gallery in Durango, CO, and online at NYA Gallery. 

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