About Me

Amy Hutto

I come from a family of artists, and my artistic roots run deep…at least back to my grandmother who wrote poetry and painted in between her long days of picking cotton in the hot Texas sun. She passed her need to create beauty in her world to my father, who in turn planted those seeds in my brother, sister, and me. As I grew, my life was saturated with art and I never realized what an impact it had made on me until I left home to go my own way.

I became an art teacher and enjoyed that career for 23 years before choosing to pursue my own art full time. I left Texas for Colorado and now live in New York, and all my life’s experiences in these amazing landscapes imbue my art. I create paintings using big, bold colors! I love creating works depicting animals, both domestic and wild, as well as landscapes, plants, and abstracts. I have recently been exploring figurative painting as well.

 No matter the subject, color is a primary focus. I strive to create a joyful feeling in my work and my use of color is one of the main ways I accomplish this. When choosing my subject, I pick images that reflect a sense of the human experience in non-human embodiments; trees that appear to dance, animal expressions that mirror our own, the positioning of bodies that evoke the love of a mother and her child.

I have found these “human” emotions and experiences abound in the natural world if we take time to allow our eyes to be opened and our hearts to connect on a deeper level.

My goal in art making is to capture that connectedness, to create a new reality, not completely different, but one that is eye opening as well as soul awakening. To show the normal, everyday from a new perspective. In doing so, I will have ignited a spark, piqued a curiosity, and allowed for that connection. We are both sharing a moment, an encompassing experience rather than a passing one—and that is now out in the world to continue onward.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of my art, please contact me or visit West End Gallery in Corning, NY in person or online at www.westendgallery.net. I am also available for commissions. Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for my latest work and shows.