Where I Should Be

By now I should be two weeks in to my artist in residency with Main and Station in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada...painting in the fresh air of Nova Scotia overlooking the bay while breathing in deep, cleansing breaths; or, chatting with the locals downtown while I sit at my easel and sip my morning latte. Thanks 2020.

I also was one of four featured artists in West End Gallery's Spotlight exhibit held in April, which ended up being online only due to Covid-19. Thanks again, 2020.

I'd say this year has been disappointing, but then I stop and reflect deeply. While we couldn't gather at West End Gallery for the usual great opening night festivities, Jesse and Lin did a fabulous job of promoting the online show, reaching out to collectors and supporting me along with the rest of the artists, and I actually ended up selling a couple of paintings. I'm very grateful to be a part of such an amazing gallery.

But I'm not going to lie, I am truly disappointed that I'm not in Nova Scotia right now. Still, I'm grateful. The foundation sponsoring the residency has graciously opted to allow me to come next year.

This year has been hard...on everyone, and not just because of the pandemic. We are seeing the worst in some, but also the best in many. I'm choosing to be in my studio M-F, painting, writing, seeking out opportunities to grow as an artist. I've explored new techniques, different media, discovered artists I love and stumbled upon a new way of creating that I'm really enjoying.

Don't get me wrong, I'm worried about the state of our world; about the possible closing of one or more of my galleries, and lagging sales. I am not going to allow those worries and fears to keep me from moving forward. I want to come out of this a better artist. I want to come out of this a more aware person. I want to be able to button my jeans...but that's another issue altogether. Stay safe everyone, stay engaged, stay hopeful, stay tuned...

Where I Should Be (For Now)

Where I Will Be (Next Year)

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