Three Artists I'm Crushing on Right Now!-and why you should be too. was originally five, but space won't allow that many! :-(

1. Erin Hanson: Hanson is a San Diego based artist and works in a style she calls "Open Impressionism". I love it when an artist not only works in a unique and original style, but

comes up with a really catchy name for it to boot! Her work is also somewhat inspired by Tom Thomson, my artist boo so I appreciate that about her also, obviously, but also her whole story is inspiring and makes me want to get my camera and go out and capture sunrise and sunset everywhere and then paint it! If you like coffee table art books, she's got a couple you'll love! Check her out at

2. Julia Veenstra: A Canadian, eh!! I follow her on Instagram and I always enjoy her posts and videos she adds on Fridays. Bold color, lots of movement and also cows. You know how I feel about those three things and when you put them all together, BAM! She is actually really well known for her landscape work and creates such amazing images that you feel like you're being swept up in the moment. If you like collecting original art then you should check out her "Square Foot" show she hosts each year, this year's being in October. She offers 12"x12" original paintings created by her and a few select other artists for $250 each. Here's her info:

3. Carol Nelson: Nelson is a Colorado artist from Aurora, CO. and I actually had the pleasure of meeting her, although I'm sure she wouldn't remember, at an art festival in Boulder. I love her work, which is predominately mixed media. I'm drawn to her use of color and the amazing texture she creates. If you check out her website you'll see we share a love of aspen trees along with bold color, and her abstracts are phenomenal... in fact they are what first attracted me to her work. See for yourself here:

I love the work of each of these artists for the same reasons; each is able to capture a moment, connect with you and pass the passion and emotion they felt in creating it to you for you to remember and feel every time you look at it. That's what I want in my own art as well and what I strive for every time I pick up a brush. Take care-

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