• Amy Hutto

No Phone, No Internet, No TV...

Not a single luxury...well, that's not exactly true. On a recent camping trip we found ourselves in a complete dead zone of cell service. We went to Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania and spent five days "roughing it" in our camper. We had amazing weather, rousing games of bocci and enjoyed more than a couple Ranch Waters at happy hour. We went on hikes and saw numerous waterfalls and for awhile we just relaxed and remembered what it was like before technology was a part of every aspect of our lives. It was difficult at first, but we had picked up a Sunday New York Times before we left and spent time reading a real newspaper and working a crossword together throughout the week. (It felt so good to actually hold the paper in my hands instead of reading on my screen...) We rode our scooters and explored the park, watched for our little 5:00 woodpecker to make his rounds every afternoon at that time, and met some great camp dogs with their human friends. To be honest, I did find one camp phone that allowed me to call out so I could check in with family, but otherwise, it was a great time being marooned without my cellphone attached to my hands.

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