• Amy Hutto

Finding Light

I hope you’ll be able to visit West End Gallery in Corning, NY this summer to see so many incredible works of art by some of the areas most talented artists.

Beginning June 17, the gallery will be exhibiting a special show entitled “Finding Light” Highlighting the many ways we’ve all managed to find our light in recent years when faced with so many challenges.

I’ll have two pieces in the show, “Nobility”…16"x16" Acrylic and Gold Leaf . This piece speaks to the theme of Finding Light, in that he has found his light from within himself. The male lion often lives a solitary life even within his pride, where he must remain strong and resolute. Many of us experienced somewhat solitary lives for the past couple of years and had to find our way, remain strong and often rely on ourselves to keep persevering. Sometimes you have to find your light from within.

The second piece is titled “We’ve Got Your Back” 20"x24" Acrylic and Gold Leaf. This ram is surrounded by a flock of friends who have his back and support him. He has found light from those whom he has surrounded himself. We have a choice in who we choose to be in our flock. I hope you have a loving, supportive, got-your-back flock!

Let me know if you’ll be attending, and hopefully I’ll see you there!

Nobility 16”x16” Acrylic and Gold Leaf

We’ve Got Your Back 20”x24” Acrylic and Gold Leaf

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