Do You Buy Wine Based on the Label Art? Wine-ot?

I least I do fairly often. I know just enough about wine to nod at the right moments in a conversation with someone who does know what they're talking about, but not enough to feel comfortable actually saying anything about said wine. I know what I like, though, and that is wine.

Faced with choosing a wine for an occasion, I will admit that more than once I've chosen because the art on the label seemed to reflect the mood of the event I was shopping for. And of course, in doing so I played right into the hands of the wine's marketing evil genius.

So what!

I'm sure they'd be happy to know that I know that they know that I know I'm being manipulated. And I don't care. Some of the art on wine labels is really amazing and if I stumble upon a wine I enjoy that's a bonus. I've kept bottles long after I drank the wine just because I like the label. I had an empty bottle of Fat Bastard for years for that reason, and I once carted an empty wine bottle across Europe and back home because of the golden monkey on the bottle. Looking at that "monkey wine" brought back fond memories of our trip and held a special place of honor for about 20 years before I finally decided to let it go while packing to move cross country.

Years ago, my husband and I visited Benziger Wines in Glen Ellen, CA. The experience was memorable on every level; beautiful scenery, yummy wines and the topper...their labels. This winery has been using art on their labels for many, many years and has amassed quite a collection (over 500 pieces). Here's a great article if you want to check it out. (I don't get anything from them, I just love their label art program.)

If you pick wine because you like the art on the label, then good for you! If choosing something because I like the art, it makes me happy, reflects a mood I'm trying to create or looks cool on my wine shelf is wrong...I don't want to be right. Having more art in our lives, no matter the source is a good thing right now. Hey, look at the time, it's 5:15...think I'll go pour a little wine and enjoy a mini art moment. Cheers!

(PS...if you don't have room to store all those bottles that you love the labels from, there are all kinds of nifty wine label albums you can keep them in. If you loved the wine, make some notes in the pages inside and be sure to write down why you love the label. Was it because of who you shared the wine with? Where you were? The actual elements of the work of art itself? Whatever the reason, write it down and flip back through to fall in love with all over again.) :-)

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