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Being an Artist is a Full-Time Job!

Updated: Jun 14

Being an artist isn't just about creating the art. Oh, that it were. No, there's so much more to it and much of it is very time consuming, which gets in the way of creating the art, which is why you become an artist in the first place.

Yesterday I spent my studio time cleaning up my space and creating a digital portfolio, which given that I'd already created my Artist CV and an Artist Statement doesn't sound like it would take that long. All I had to do was select the images I wanted to add to my art folder then click and drag it into place. HAHAHAHA! I spent a great deal of time naming all of the files consistently, and getting them in order of creation in descending order. Easy enough. NOPE. No matter what I tried those darn images will not orient themselves accordingly once the folder is copied to the flash drive. Today, I again worked on this project and also on assembling packets. I have five completed.

Not bad for six hours of work.

Next, 39 minutes on the phone with AT&T trying to correct a billing error that's been an ongoing issue since January. Not totally a business related task, but I do use my phone to conduct a lot of business, so yeah, I guess it was. We'll see if the issue is resolved. I have my doubts as I was assured it was resolved several times already.

More time on website updating and analyzing data. Posted on Instagram. Came back and edited this blog...

This all drove me to go downstairs and make myself a calming latte. Ahhhhhhhhh, now that’s time well spent.

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