Artist Statement

​My work for the past eight years has been primarily in acrylics. I typically paint animals, trees, landscapes and other aspects of the natural world in bold colors rather than realistic ones. All colors are present all around us, either reflected or absorbed by light. I enjoy removing that filter and showing the possibilities of color around us, and focusing more on the tints, shades and intensities light creates as it passes through, shines on or is obstructed by the subject of my work at the time. My style can best be described as Modern Impressionism, with Tom Thomson and Van Gogh being top influencers. I strive to impart a sense of joy and happiness in my work, through my expressive use of color, and a feeling of energy and life through repetitive brush strokes to create movement. My goal in art making is to create a new reality, not completely different, but one that is eye opening as well as soul awakening. To show the normal, everyday from a new perspective. In doing so, I will have ignited a spark, piqued a curiosity and made a connection. We are both sharing a moment, an encompassing experience rather than a passing one—and that is now out in the world to continue onward.

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