Studio cleaning day!

Ugh! My studio is a wreck...the last couple of weeks I've been so busy with shows and events, the place I usually look forward to being in has become the place I've just closed the door on so I don't have to see it.  Enough of that---- time to clear, clean, organize and store so I can get back to the really fun stuff...creating!  I've really missed painting.  It's a huge part of my day, it's what I do, who I am.  Is it the only thing?  No, not by any means...but, it's something that makes a difference in my life, and it can't do that if I can't even walk in there and find my brushes.  So, it's studio cleaning day, so tomorrow I can create. Until next time-

Was it worth it?

I could tell you in one word, but that would be too easy.  It has been a beautiful warm, nay, hot day in Loveland. The artists at Art in the Park did not disappoint...very cool things.  By noon I was having my doubts...not a single sale. I know this life all too well. My dad made the art show circuit when I was growing up and I remember all the work that went into those events. Yes, I mostly played with my styling Barbie head but mom and dad spent a lot of weekends loading up the same amount of paintings at the end of the show as they brought with them.  That's just the nature of the beast. So, I had a sinking feeling that that is what I was in for.  BUT,  a few hours later and I'm almost sold out of my Bighorn Sheep prints, have sold some others and sold an original painting of a prairie dog! I've listened to some great acoustic guitar all day and had a nice chat with a man from Austin.  Was it worth it? Today it was.  Until next time-

Fun stuff this weekend

Today was one hot, sweaty day spent fighting with an EZ up tent (mmhmmm, easy...) realizing that at all times my tent is facing the sun, (how does that happen???) and just now finishing up the last of my matting.  But, I know it's going to be worth it this weekend.  If you're in the Northern Colorado area you should really come to Loveland for Art in the Park.  It's the 49th annual show this year and there are over 200 artists and craftsmen, plus food, a beer garden and live music.  AND, if that weren't enough, there's me! :-) No, seriously, there's also the Sculpture in the Park right across the street and just up the street is another fine art and wine fest.  Loveland is one happening art scene this weekend. Oh, and downtown there are several great art galleries to stroll through as well.  My work can be found at the Lincoln Gallery. PS, I'm in booth D15 at Art in the Park, so come say hi! Until next time-

So, this is blogging...

I'm new to the blogging community.  I'm sure you can tell.  But, I'm excited to finally be a part of it.  My life is crazy busy right now, mostly trying to figure out what I want to say in this blog, but also getting ready for an upcoming art show. Finishing up pieces, ordering giclees, getting mats cut, putting together all the thousands of details that tell the world I've done this a million times when really it's my first big show. I'm not new to the art world, mind you.  My father is an artist, so is my sister.  I lived my entire life up until 2012 in Texas where I taught elementary and middle school art for 23 years before striking out on the adventure that has been Colorado. I love it here.  I love my new life.  I love my studio. And, I love that I am a full time artist. I sometimes miss Texas, developing lesson plans, brain storming with my art buddies and sharing successful lessons with other teachers, so sometimes my blog will be about "sharing" with them in this new way. My whole life has somehow been connected with art, and it always will be. Now I want to share it with you. Until next time-