Animals, Animals, Animals

I just finished three mini moo paintings that I really enjoyed doing! They were just fun. Having spent a month working on a large series of abstract inspired animal paintings that were on a more serious bent (although none of my work is truly “serious”) it felt good to let loose the whimsy! My animal art really has two sides; the fun and funky and the more naturalistic, but they all have bright colors in common. I love painting with bright colors. I’m currently seeking a new gallery for representation, and I’ll be honest, it’s difficult to know which of the animal styles to present. I feel like if I include them both in my presentation my work won’t come across as cohesive, when in fact it really is. They are just differentiated by wild or domestic, with the wild animals being the more naturalistic in expression and the domestic farm animals being the more whimsical. It’s the color that unifies the two, I believe. I have to craft my words carefully to convey that idea, however. Really the first thing is getting the gallery to actually read my inquiry email. No, really the first thing is knowing which gallery to contact. No, no, I think the first thing is knowing who I am as an artist. And that artist is a painter of animals in a variety of styles best suited to each animal. Yes, that’s the thing that’s important. The right gallery will come. Until next time-

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