Painting pigs, and other oddities

I haven't blogged in quite a while I see. Since I've been away from it, I'll do a quick catch up...holidays, family, new year, birthdays, and finally back to work. That about sums it up! I've actually been busier than that, and have gotten some good news on all those applications I was waiting on back in the fall. I was accepted into the National Association of Women Artists and took some time to go to New York for my induction. I was really happy that most of my family was able to come join me and be a part of it. I am pretty proud of membership in such a prestigious association. Also, I had applied for the Colorado Art on Loan Program again for the senator's offices in Washington DC and I finally heard back on that and two of my pieces were chosen to hang in Senator Bennet's office. I couldn't believe two were chosen. So, I'm still pretty excited about that. On the downside, I was not invited to join the Governor's Art Show. I'll try again next year, though. Now, about those pigs. Fortunately I'm not working on the real thing, although that might be pretty wild. I painted a happy little pig that someone bought right away, then another person wanted a happy little pig and that one sold and now I'm on my third happy little pig. I guess happy little pigs make people happy. I know they make me happy working on them. They're not all the same pig, because I'd get pretty tired of looking at that same happy little face, but it is uplifting to see those little piggy smiles I will have to admit. I've also been working on some abstracts, which I find a bit more challenging but also pretty liberating. The oddest thing for me, however, was a mask I created for our art museum's annual major fundraising effort. Artists each take a mask form and then transform it and they are then auctioned off.  The really cool ones go to a gala event. I would looovvveee for mine to be chosen, but that won't be until April or so. I'll leave you with my most recent happy little pig (note it's not complete) and my mask entry. Until next time...

happy little pig.jpg