Was it worth it?

I could tell you in one word, but that would be too easy.  It has been a beautiful warm, nay, hot day in Loveland. The artists at Art in the Park did not disappoint...very cool things.  By noon I was having my doubts...not a single sale. I know this life all too well. My dad made the art show circuit when I was growing up and I remember all the work that went into those events. Yes, I mostly played with my styling Barbie head but mom and dad spent a lot of weekends loading up the same amount of paintings at the end of the show as they brought with them.  That's just the nature of the beast. So, I had a sinking feeling that that is what I was in for.  BUT,  a few hours later and I'm almost sold out of my Bighorn Sheep prints, have sold some others and sold an original painting of a prairie dog! I've listened to some great acoustic guitar all day and had a nice chat with a man from Austin.  Was it worth it? Today it was.  Until next time-