A Day in Estes Park

Today was a chilly day in Estes Park, with grey skies and a fresh layer of snow slowly melting revealing just how bad at parking everyone is when it snows. But, it was a perfect day to be inside Aspen and Evergreen Gallery working on a red fox. Foxes are just darn adorable, especially when they're sleeping; their noses tucked tightly into their fluffy tails, dreaming of tasty treats hiding beneath the snow. It was nice to visit with people from all over...one couple from Alabama, one from Chicago, and one Texan from Friendswood, along with many others from near and far. Some paused to visit and watch, others just paused to watch and others just passed by, but most were somehow engaged with what I was doing. I love that interaction. It's one of the things I miss about being in the classroom. But... the peaceful solitude of my studio is pretty great, I'm not going to lie.  I'm sure I'll be back again, to paint, create, and talk to people for a moment in their lives, either as part of their visit to a place I've come to enjoy so much or one of the locals who are lucky to call Estes Park home. Perhaps my little red fox is just happy knowing he made a few people smile today.  I know I am.  Until next time-