Back at it-

My trip to Chicago was AWESOME in so many ways.Had some incredible deep dish, Malnati's is still my fave, and met Jean Leigh with The Leigh Gallery.  I felt really good about leaving my art with her.  Since I've been back home and in the studio, I've been working on a llama, and an owl.  Those are finished and I'm working on a home for them. I had such fun with the llama's expression and the owl's feathers. It's kind of hard NOT to make an owl look po'd, but I like this little purple guy.  My dog Watson is not a fan of owls, and we have a couple of huge ones that like to sit on our roof and the neighbor's, and just hoot the night away.  He can't resist barking at them, so every couple of hours he sounds off.  Reminds me of the nights I use to wake up every couple of hours checking on a crying did I do it night after night?!? Guess I was a lot younger then.