Amy Hutto is an acrylic fine artist living in Upstate New York.  She specializes in works filled with vivid color, bold textures, and unique renderings of traditional subjects. Her work can be found at The Leigh Gallery in Chicago; West End Gallery in Corning NY, Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park CO, and Red Canyon Art in Lyons, CO.

Artist Statement

As an artist, and as a person, I am the sum of my encounters, big and small. From early experiences with my father who was an artist as well as a teacher and cattle rancher- to the places I’ve been and will go, I gather those happenstances and they somehow become a part of my art; whether through the subject I choose, or the colors, or how I render my ideas. I’m often asked why purple elk, turquoise cows, or blue bears? My answer…why not? I’m not trying to depict my subjects as they exist in nature, but rather how they exist to me in that moment.

Two aspects of my work that stand out are my use of color and texture, no matter the subject. Bold, bright, contrasting colors are my usual choice with a touch of gold leaf to finish. The warm metallic golden gleam catches the eye; as well as being a technique that spans centuries, giving me a feeling of connectivity beyond now. Texture serves to create interest and depth in the layers in my work. I can see other colors peeking out from under a scribble, or my palette knife sweeps across and lifts or deposits colors along its path. In that way, color and texture are intertwined in my work. For me, it’s difficult to have one without the other.

I work in acrylics and love the freedom they bring. They allow me to be impulsive and work with energy, and that comes through in what I create. I primarily depict animals, from domestic farm to wild; and my work in abstracts serves as a reset button on my creativity. With abstracts I can really let loose and go for it. I create in all sizes from very small to very large, and enjoy the challenges both present.

Recently I was granted an artist in residence experience with the AnnMarie Sculpture Gardens, a Smithsonian Affiliate in Solomons Maryland. I came away filled with the inspiration I gained through not only the work I began but the relationships I built with other artists; an invaluable gift.  I look forward to repeating this experience in other locales near and far.

At the end of it all, I want my art to make others happy, to make them think or look at things in a new way. Because, after-all, that’s what it does for me.